About Us

Riva aims to offer professional travel services with a proactive attitude and innovation.We follow carefully chosen future and impeccable service standards which enable us to deliver exceptional quality,unequaled value, and unforgettable memories to our clients.Over the years we have created customized itineraries for various types of travelers to every corner of the globe.We thoroughly understand the elements that create a great travel experience for our customers.This Brand was set up in 2010 in NOIDA,National Capital Region,India and has grown rapidly,having its own presence now in the UAE,Nigeria & UK.The Company has close to 50 very dedicated team members who are guided by 4 directors who are eminent personalities and have a common vision of providing the best to the clients. rivatravel.com is a platform that provides high-quality products and services to customers at an affordable price. Our goal is to provide a one-stop platform where customers can find the complete travel service at their best. Riva travel strives to be the greatest product platform to provide an exceptional travel experience to our customers, which is why we've partnered with the top suppliers from around the world to bring you a one-stop platform for everyone. We strive to give you whatever you're looking for and work hard every day to keep track of what trends are presently in demand so that we can redesign our packages and services accordingly.